İZELTAŞ Key Points

It is very important and effective for your work safety to use protective clothes, gloves and protective glasses etc. for your work with your hand tools. After use provided that you clean your hand tools with alcohol, the joint places should be greased and they should be kept in the cabinet so that you can use it for long years.

In case a screwdriver or a turn screw are required to be tightened with specific moment value, as so many screwdrivers or turn screws are required to be balanced, torque key is used. The more or the less moment value that was regulated by the torque key is not applied. However, the very tight connections that are rusty or stuck to for a long time, is not advisable to be resolved with a torque key. It is also not advisable to use hammer to resolve these tightened connections. In these cases, oil, rusty remover, qualified liquids are applied and after waited for a while, process of screwdriver of turn screw removing should be performed. Furthermore the removing process cannot be made with a torque key.

As functional parts of the segment pliers for fitting and removing segment, are edge parts that are very thin, the appliance should not be dropped on the edge parts. Also the segment that will be used, according to its caliber, appropriate segment should be used.

The spindles of the tows from our products whose costs are high should not be exposed to strokes or impulses. The part with the screwdriver should not be damaged. For the most efficient production distribution, if possible use of three armed spindles is favorable. You should be sure that the part to be towed should be placed well and again you should not work in front of the tow.

As there is edge part slotted screwdriver in the test light, the premier function is the check of appliance, for that reason the appliance is exposed to strokes, it can lose its original characteristics.

Chisels, point punchers, strap punchers and pin punchers all should be used in accordance with their uses, they should not be used as crowbars.

After extremely tightened pins are greased, the pin punchers should be removed with pin punchers. These kinds of hand tools are hardened by various kinds of thermal processes. While using these appliances, in time abrasion occurs in the edge parts (atrophy occurs). It is not advisable to use sand paper or stoning process that will cause lack of hardness in the edge parts. If application is needed, please make stoning or sand paper process by using coolant fluid.

Super insulated and rod insulated pliers, wire cutter and round nose pliers are out of standards and have the certificate of TUV_GS in the standards of TS EN ISO 60900. In the context of that standard, drilling test, electric resistance is applied under 10000 volt, stroke test under -25 ºC temperature, at the temperature 70ºC test of peeling handle etc. are applied. These products can be used in the high voltages, in extreme hot and cold temperatures. However in case that the insulated part of the handle is in the super insulated ones, especially in case the yellow covering under the red covering could be seen clearly, super insulated appliances should not be used in electric flow.

While using the wheel nut key, overload should not be applied by attaching enlarging arm. In this case, the spider can be damaged due to the fact that overload is applied more than the values stated in the standards. Also, as the screwdriver and the wrench are produced in specific standards, all of them have a resistance values. If power is applied over these resistance values, the wheel nut key can be broken. While taking apart the wheel nut key that are rusty or tightened due to the dynamic effects and environmental conditions, rusty remover should be used or it should be oiled for the separation to be easy.

For any trouble that should not be lived, while using clinch gun, a guidebook suitable with the clinch gun should be used.

If the clinch is chosen big, it cannot hold the clinch gun otherwise, it will be pinched in between the chins that hold the clinch. For these kinds of problems to be prevented, a guide suitable with the clinch should be chosen.

The drawers of the wheeled fix cabinets should be closed while carrying it.

The drawers of the wheeled fix cabinets should be closed while carrying it. As the wheeled fix cabinets are with roller, the drawers can be opened while carrying and cause the cabinet to be fallen down.

While using strap puncher, for the sharp edge not to be damaged, it is not advisable to work on though surfaces. For the edges to be prevented from damaging, under the material that will be cut by the puncher, rubber or board should be placed. Also, while working with strap puncher, the puncher should be placed straight. The point that should be considered while using pin puncher, there should not be a lot difference between the puncher caliber and the pin caliber. The pin ounce meter that is suitable with the ounce caliber.

As it can be understood by looking at the shape, while using wrench and armature, the turning direction of the key is important. For these keys upper chin is much more endurable than the regulator chin. If possible, no load should be loaded on the regulator chin. In figure 1, the load is on the upper chin, the regulator chin has the role of support. It is a correct use. In figure 2, the load is on the regulator chin; upper chin has the role of support. It is not an advisable use.

It is not advisable to apply overload by attaching pipes or elongation arms while being used with the Allen group key. Moreover, with metric screwdrivers metric allens and with SAE (inc) screwdrivers SAE (inch) allens are required to be used.

The most important points in use of the round Torx and Allen Keys are that impact load should not be used. As a result of that impact load is applied, as unchecked load will be applied just like fork-star keys, it can go beyond the endurance value of the key. As a result of that, it causes the key to be broken and useless. If we should give example to these applications, airy or electrical drill use, while working with T arm working with a hammer. As it is understood, these keys are not suitable for the use with machines. T arm working is required. While working with T arm, elongation arm or hammer should not be used. Besides before using round torx and allen keys, please check the key and the screw size. After the key is located in the slot, there should not be any spaces.

Related to the endurance of the most used hand tools, the fork, star and combined keys against the required load were given in the TSE and DIN norms. IZELTAŞ also makes its production in that way. In case the values increased more than stated in the standards, the breakdown of hand tools is high in possibility. Another situation that should be considered is, with metric key metric screwdrivers, with SAE key, SAE screwdrivers should be used.

Though they would be in the similar sizes, metric screws should not be used with SAE screws and SAE keys. Otherwise due to the reason that the key cannot hold the wrench (or the screws) well, it can be slide. As a result of sliding the screws or the key would be deformed. When the screws are damaged, although it is used with the appropriate key then, it will cause sliding again.

The connection will become no detachable. For that reason, before you use the key, if the wrench-screws to be removed or clutched are metric, be sure the key is metric, as well.

There are several points that should be careful while using the appliances in the group of the pipe key used by the plumbers mostly. Before the load is applied, the key should be arranged with the help of the bolt of the setting till the connection element is clutched completely that would be removed or clutched.

When the load is applied, the edge of the key is required to hold the part from its widest point so that it will not be slide. While using these kinds of appliances, we should work not by pushing the key, by pulling it towards us. Also working by fitting elongation arms to the handle parts like pipes would shorten its physical life. Again one of the conditions that shorten its physical life is working by striking with appliances like hammer. Instead off Fitting pipes or using by striking with a hammer, to release the connection that is rusty and tight, greasing and using rusty remover would be much more suitable.

In any case from the two appliances the harder one always marks up, cuts or deforms the one that is softer. This situation is especially seen in hammers.

The surface part of the hammers is hardened with induction and it is 52-54 HRC. In accordance with that, if the hammer is used with materials harder than that, it is deformed. Also the edge, corner parts of the hammer should not be exposed to strokes. When the hammer is used, by time there becomes blighter, these should be cleaned with stoning in order that they do not cause any work accidents. During the stoning, in order not to affect the hardness, coolant fluid should be used.

The screwdrivers, appropriated to its aim of use, to increase the endurance in the points; they are produced with hardening with thermal procedures from composed steel with vanadium. That high hardness value that prevents the abrasion in some point causes to breaks when the screwdrivers are exposed to bending. For that reason do not use your screwdrivers as chisel or crowbar. The breaks that can be resulted can form undesirable work accidents, injuries and loss of work.

Again one of the points that should be careful in the use of the screwdrivers is the fact that the screwdrivers should be used with the suitable screw. Straight, star or posi-drive screwdrivers should be placed in the edge of the screws and they should be clutched from the widest surface. Otherwise, as the clutching surface (touch surface) will be narrow, only the edge part of the screwdriver is loaded and deformed. Though the star screwdriver and posi-drive edged screwdriver; if the posi-drive screwdriver is used with the star headed screwdriver, the point of the screwdriver will be deformed, as it will not fit in it. While using these appliances, and while using these appliances, forcing them by using elongation from the circle of its handle, as it will go over the value from its endurance, the screwdriver is broken and deformed.

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