Integrated Management System Policy



As İZELTAŞ, Turkey’s first maker of secondhand tools, we are always striving for the better and newer in the manner in which we began by stating “Whatever you do in life, do it with all your heart.”


We serve our dealers, professional users, and many public and private sector organizations in the automotive, construction, marine, mining, military, aviation, and agricultural sectors via our hand tools and forged parts manufacture. We increase our clients’ pleasure by ensuring that our goods continue to match their expectations in terms of quality. We take all essential precautions to minimize hazards and mitigate risks in order to avoid workplace accidents and illnesses. We increase our workers’ awareness by fostering a healthy and safe working environment via our training and development programs. We ensure that energy and natural resources are used efficiently by all of our employees, facilities, and activities under our control. By enhancing the performance of renovated buildings, equipment, systems, and energy-consuming processes, we promote the delivery of energy-efficient goods and services and take to the creation of a more sustainable world.


We avoid environmental degradation and safeguard the environment via our waste reduction programs and waste management techniques. With our unique approach and research and development studies, we are working all of our resources to increase our product line and take our industry forward. We accomplish our objectives via the use of skilled people resources, company expertise, and collaborative efforts. We ensure that required information and resources are available to enable us to meet our responsibilities to our stakeholders. By addressing our organization’s needs and expectations, we adhere to national and international legal and regulatory regulations. We are dedicated to enhancing our quality, environmental, energy, and occupational health and safety performance and to constantly improve our management systems via consultation with and engagement of our employees and their representatives.


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