Quality Control

Quality control


Izeltaş has an effective quality control mechanism that works with continuous improvement and customer focus in line with its

– TS EN ISO 9001 Quality management system

– TS ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management system,

– TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system,

– TS EN ISO 50001 Energy management system,

– ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management system


Quality control activities begin with the control of raw materials or semi-finished products received at the Izeltaş material entrance warehouse in accordance with applicable standards and technical specifications, and continue with process controls made on an operational basis in the forging, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment (paint-coating), marking, and packaging departments. It concludes with final inspections of the products in accordance with the applicable standards and technical drawings. As the quality department, our primary objective is to consistently improve our quality control system, product quality, and customer happiness, based on positive or negative client feedback.

Our Izeltaş quality control laboratory is equipped with measuring equipment and test devices, enabling us to conduct all tests and controls on the hand tools we manufacture in accordance with applicable standards.

These are;

* Caliper, micrometer, gauge, comparator, protractor, control gauges etc.

*profile projector

*3D coordinate measuring device

*Surface roughness measuring device

*Hardness measuring devices

* Crack control machines

*Sample preparation equipment;


*Taking bagality



*Moment testing devices

*Deformation test devices

*Life test device

*Coating thickness measuring devices;



*Corrosion test cabinet

*High voltage withstand tester device (dielectric – 10000V)

*Punching tester under high voltage (5000 V)

*Stick stripping test device

*Impact testing device

*Flame endurance tester device

* Oven (laboratory type oven)



İzeltaş is a customer-focused company, and quality control operations are constantly conducted in close cooperation with and contact with customers. When a customer makes a complaint or requests anything, the relevant corrective and preventative measures or improvement activities are undertaken within the scope of ISO 9001. Complaints or requests are addressed by engaging with customers by telephone or e-mail and, if required, by visiting the customer company on-site. In cooperation with the mobile promotion team, technical promotion and informational trips are made to big companies, industrial sites, car services, universities, and vocational high schools.

This close interaction with customers and a sensitivity on product quality have made İzeltaş as a powerful company representing the Turkish private sector and a proud brand. As quality control, our objective is to elevate the quality of İzeltaş, which is well-known and recognized by everybody.


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