The New Production Area of Our Turgutlu Factory

During the pandemic process, European companies have turned their direction to production locations that they see as more reliable and quality, with the loss of confidence in the Chinese Market. Thanks to our reliable brand in the tool cabinets and tool box industry, we have turned the situation into an advantage and increased our order levels considerably. Due to the quality and customer satisfaction-oriented growth in our Turgutlu factory in the last few years, we started to have production problems even though we are a newly established factory. Now we all needed “more room for more performance”. Built in a construction period of just seven months, the additional production facility was fully operational approximately 13 months after the groundbreaking ceremony. A completely redesigned workflow alongside the new machinery and SAP software will now allow us to set up even more efficient processes. With this support from our Board of Directors, we increased our production capacity by approximately 70%. With the new technological line investments, we have achieved both a faster and higher quality production opportunity. Of course, environmental considerations and optimal working conditions for employees were not neglected during the new building. Energy-saving lighting in the working areas and heating systems were installed in all production areas so that our personnel would not experience difficulties on cold days. In addition, by turning to renewable energy sources, which is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the carbon footprint, the SPP (Solar Power Plant) application was started. In this way, we will be able to supply all our electricity needs from solar energy. In 2023, we will take our dream of being at every point in every geography where hand tools and tool cabinets are used one step further.

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