Izeltaş is One of the Best Managed Companies in 2021

Izeltaş became one of the 2021 winners of Turkey’s best managed companies competition organized by Deloitte Private.

Within the scope of the program implemented in 40 countries around the world; Companies established in Turkey, controlled by Turks and not publicly traded, were included in the evaluation.

As a result of the detailed examinations made by Deloitte coaches, the finalist companies appeared before the jury consisting of CEOs and Executive Board members of Turkey’s leading companies, and evaluated the candidate companies in 4 main categories: “strategy, competence and innovation, culture and dedication, governance and financials”.

Among all the participants, Izeltaş was entitled to be among the 6 winning companies in Turkey and to receive this important award.

With this competition, it is aimed to raise the awareness of companies on good management, to reveal the stories of Turkish companies that have become the values ​​of the country’s economy, and to introduce these stories to the business world on national and international platforms. As Izeltaş family, we are proud to be among the winners in such an important competition. We express our thanks.

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